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mmmm meals

Greg took the kids and left me for the morning with the instruction not to clean so naturally I have no idea what to do with myself. So here are some pictures from yesterday! I just love Thanksgiving. You just can’t beat that food and the smells and family and all the things. It’s such a glorious holiday. And we have so much to be thankful for… I always hate that question – what are […]

So so thankful

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Thankfulness is a funny thing. There is always something to be thankful for but boy is it easy to focus on the things we don’t have or compare compare compare and cultivate this very unattractive way of looking at life. We have some serious blessings and although I’ll be the first to admit that living with my parents when having my first child wasn’t exactly on my to do list for life, I am ridiculously thankful for all […]

Birthday Surprises

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family days / mmmm meals

Oh how I don’t look forward to birthdays anymore. But this birthday was special because my whole family surprised me and took the day off work to come celebrate! My sister even came into town and each thing! So, now I’m 27 and trying desperately hard to drop the voice that sounds like a three year old – I am going to be a mother soon, right? It’s time. We spent the whole day in Carmel, ate […]

From that one time… when we went to Napa and ate foods

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So, we went to Napa last weekend and had a meal or two. I’m not really sure where to begin so let’s start here. These ribs were amazing. And no, they were not all for me. Stop judging, gosh.  They literally fell off the bone and into my mouth and in there all my little buds had a party. They partied so hard, I had a my whole pile finished and completed only to look […]

Happy Birthday! Anniversary! Fathers Day!

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Last week was hard on me because I made the big decision to put away my paints for a while to focus on other things at this stage in our journey. It felt very much like I was losing a part of myself or had failed in some way since I never actually got to see it go anywhere, per say. Hopefully later on down the road, I’ll get to do it again but for now, I […]

The Curious Case of the Sensible Shoes

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It all started when I was sitting around Friday night, dreaming up what sounded best for dinner. Gnocchi obviously sounded best but I had run out of time and energy to make it myself, as I am prone to do these days. Never fear! Friday is our date night and we haven’t had one for the longest of times so I asked my boyfriend on a date and tada! he accepted. I remembered this place […]

9 Weeks

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Bump bump bump – yes this counts as a bump! Craziness that our little babe has got everything in place to grow grow grow! Gosh, I sound like the goose on Charlotte’s Web. Anyways let’s use this handy dandy questionnaire from every other maternity blog on the interwebs to keep track! How far along? 9 weeks! Last month of the first trimester! Please energy, please come back. Weight Gained: Imma go with 4 lbs still… the dreaded scale […]

Happy One Year, To Us : )

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Aaaaand that year went by fast! So fast, that the high hopes I had for planning a killer and oh so sweetly sentimental one year anniversary, just went out the window. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have planned a more fun day if I tried. The day started with painful and embarrassing medical issues continuing to linger from the week before (YAY for going to the doctor twice last week and still not knowing what is wrong). […]


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We are SO FLIPPIN EXCITED to see BOTH our families next week! I can’t believe how incredibly fast this season is going by! I still have no idea what to get Greg. Yes, I know Christmas is next week. If you have any ideas…. : ) Luckily he never reads this so I’m sure he thinks I’m happily planning away and all ready for that lovely day to come. He loves Christmas which scares me […]

I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving

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To say this move has been a bit of an adjustment is an understatement. I don’t know what’s been up with me but for whatever reason, it’s been a whole lot more difficult than I ever expected. So, when Greg mentioned while we were sipping our coffee in bed that maybe we should leave today (last Saturday) instead of waiting to go up for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, oh my oh my.. how does one describe […]