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Thankfulness is a funny thing. There is always something to be thankful for but boy is it easy to focus on the things we don’t have or compare compare compare and cultivate this very unattractive way of looking at life. We have some serious blessings and although I’ll be the first to admit that living with my parents when having my first child wasn’t exactly on my to do list for life, I am ridiculously thankful for all that He has given us and where He has us right now. This Thanksgiving was such a little reminder of just how blessed we are.

We went on a lovely little hike with my family in this glorious little town where we live.IMG_3916

What is it about nature that does the body good? I always feel so refreshed after even the shortest of walks. Lucky for me, Thanksgivings usually include one fall nature walk so brace yourself for an endorphin high because this lady’s heart is usually singing all day long. IMG_3917IMG_3918

And that dog got to come. These pictures look lame but something about the fresh fall air and NATURE all around makes me happy like no other. I am so thankful to live here for the time being, be near the ocean, the trees!, have my wonderful family around, and ahem, while we are at it, being able to walk! and enjoy such things. I mean we can go on and on here but those two above, make my life so dreamy and I love them. Except sometimes that dog is a complete terror and somehow in those circumstances, this love I speak of vanishes, far far away. Like the day before Thanksgiving where he decided to run up on the street and dart in front of each car with a big, big happy smile of ignorance on his face. A huffy, puffy pregnant lady is not a happy one. IMG_3920

Cooking! I’m so thankful for cooking and for a family that cooks together and for each amazing taste and flavor God put into food. Man I’m thankful for tastebuds. I’m thankful that even when the jello doesn’t mold, it still tastes amazing ;) ^^jello plop^^IMG_3922

So SO thankful for amazing meals (and the people that cook them) and well, having food in general. I hope I never ever take that for granted. Sadly, I suffer from a different first world problem of getting kinda stressed when everything on the plate is equally good. WHICH ONE TO EAT WHICH ONE TO EAT!?! That was the case here, but I suffered through it and finished with a very full, and very happy belly. AND I’m thankful for my parents beautiful china and lovely silver and all the pretty things that make a simple life feel so very luxurious :) IMG_3921

I’m so thankful for this love of mine. I’m so thankful he loves my family so well and that they love him back. It makes my heart so happy. He is one wonderful guy and I’m forever blessed because I hitched my horsey to his… or however the saying goes. Oh, that’s not a saying at all? Well anyways, I like him a lot.IMG_3835

The next day we took a little ride through the redwoods on the steam train! I kept thinking, dagnabbit I wish Little could be here, but I guess she was, she just experienced it in a different way ;) train

But she didn’t get to meet Santie Clause at the top so now we just have to go back with her another year. She might have tasted some of the hot cider that was waiting for us though! Hot drinks on cold days are absolute bliss. IMG_3925

Yes, I’m thankful for cider and yes yes yes I’m so very thankful for this little life that we get to meet so very soon.

Last night all my family – aunts and uncles, cousins and such came over for turkey soup and games. These are some of my favorite moments in life. I LOVE playing games with my whole family together. There’s nothing quite like it and I am so so thankful for each and every one of them.

And lastly, although there are hundreds and hundreds more things to be thankful for, I really loved waking up to this this morning. IMG_3901

Happy holidays everyone! May yours be merry and bright!!!


  1. Taylor Welty says

    You have the most beautiful of thankful spirits Hilly…. Your gratitude is such a refreshment to mine heart :)


  2. CinnyPinny says

    So very true, we do have much to be thankful for. A lovely tribute to your family and beautiful pictures of the weekend. thanks, Hilary


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