Month: April 2017

9 months

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

How does he get cuter every month!? *says his mother* I can’t handle this kid! He’s just the sweetest, most mellow child that ever was and I just can’t believe he’s mine. He slips under the bath water for a bit too long but pops back up with a cough and a big smile! He gets wacked and dragged and aggressively loved on by his sister but returns all these gestures with all the love […]

March, you little dickens

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the daily life

How is it already the middle of April? March was all sorts of wonderful so here are a couple pictures to remember her by ;) There was a lovely trip to Filoli’s in the Spring. I LOVE SPRING. It’s just such an exciting season :):) Did I tell you, my husband takes every other Friday morning off so I can have some time to myself? Normally I’m an idiot and spend it going through my piles that never […]

To my daughter

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the daily life

Dear daughter, I am writing this to you in case you find yourself in a position with your own littles, wondering why it’s so hard and how this mother of yours did it all since the only memories you will recall in moments such as these are those seeped with glowing positivity and love – all memories of screaming, throwing, breaking, knee bending and pleading apologies for being such a darn faulty mother, will be […]