Month: July 2017


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12 months of Luke / family days / Luke Blane

More importantly ^^these^^ pictures are DONE ;) definitely was picturing a smiley finish but alas, such is life. We had the best time celebrating little man last night. I still can’t believe it’s been a year and I still can’t believe he came out a boy! HA! Boys are so great. This one in particular. He’s so sweet and so dang mellow and undemanding. I think he knew all this was for him and he […]

Fourth of July and other delights

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family days / terrific trips

Whelp, it’s July. You know, THE VERY MONTH MY BOY WAS BORN A YEAR AGO [what. the. HOW.] and we moved into our little house TWO years ago! and I’m feeling all sorts of joyful to be living in this little town with my little family. We just got back from my cousins houseboat and then had Greg’s friends in town for a couple days, sooo playing catchup while everyone sleeps :) A few pictures […]