Month: February 2014

Bubbles and Bikes

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that dog Bentley / the daily life

RAIN!!!! Finally! I kept seeing all these posts on Facebook about how cozy Northern California was the last couple of weeks so naturally when I saw the little rain symbol on my weather app, I did an over the top happy dance. That was supposed to happen yesterday. Instead, yesterday had the tiniest sprinkling I’ve ever seen in the morning and rounded out the rest of the day with a heaping does of sunshine. Lying […]


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paintings and progress

So, as it turns out, stripes take flippin forever! But, I am happy with how she turned out yet still excited to keep learning and practicing : ) Here’s my story behind this lady. I call her The Housewife simply because I wanted to do a portrait of my experience of being just that. So, a little background.. I had a job as an Interior Designer that I quit with the full intention of seeking a new […]

Days of Love and Paintings

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Valentine’s Day is the one magical day a year where the color gods came together and said pink and red shall be put side by side and actually make people happy, not angry. It seems like such a happy holiday, however subconsciously I think both Greg and I dread it a little. You see, our first Valentine’s together was a bad one and I think we both fear that it will happen again. That was […]

HEY-O marriage paid off!

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At least for taxes! This was the first year Greg actually got money back (cause his sneaky, resourceful wife was hiding money away muhaha). I was so very sad because I’ve always gotten money back in the past which made me oh so happy (perks of having a low paying job and filling out your tax form incorrectly!) but it was always a nice little reward at the end, er, beginning of the year. So! I’ve been […]

In sickness and in health

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wedded bliss

So, this guy got engaged this weekend : ) No, he didn’t end up with my sister which would have made the world rejoice (heheheh just kidding Taywhad) but he got an incredibly wonderful woman and we are so so SO happy for him. The weather has been exceptionally pretty lately, however this weekend had thunderstorms in its forecast. He would choose to propose on the beach with a patio brunch to follow so we folded our hands […]