Month: October 2015

Why picnic in a park when you could picnic in a cemetery?

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Need I explain? By now I feel like you should just know these are the things we do. Because we are weird. And apparently slightly creepy… But anyways, pictures from the weekend… because it feels rare to actually get out of our house these days…. and my girl went to a pumpkin patch…. and her momma took WAYYYY too many pictures.  ^^This is why Grammy is the favorite. She does the sock shake with no shame […]

Oh hey, 28

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date night / wedded bliss

I wish I had something wise to say in these late years of my life, but alas, I’ve got nothin. But I do know my family spoils me rotten and I am the luckiest lady in the world. My sweet crippled sister surprised me early Wednesday morning with a homemade breakfast delivered via hopping foot and basket. I can’t. even. She’s the best.  Did you know, as long as I’ve been alive, it has never […]

And we have a nine month old

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

This feels like a big deal. Is it a big deal? My baby girl is nine months old tomorrow! She’s basically like a little person! …that has opinions and screams and throws tantrums! (she obviously got that from her father… everyone knows I’ve never spoken above a whisper…) She’s a master of fighting sleep and if you dare to pick her up, she has no intention of EVER being put down. This is my nine […]

The Things I Love

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terrific trips / wedded bliss

I miss writing, I really do. It’s such a nice little outlet for me to remember the happies of life and prematurely laugh at the stupid things that continue to happen despite my best efforts to be classy and graceful at all times. HA. Anyways, the strangest thing keeps happening… every time I go to write something, the only title that comes to mind is “I HATE PAINTING” with the following content: I HATE IT I HATE […]