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Greg took the kids and left me for the morning with the instruction not to clean so naturally I have no idea what to do with myself. So here are some pictures from yesterday! I just love Thanksgiving. You just can’t beat that food and the smells and family and all the things. It’s such a glorious holiday. And we have so much to be thankful for… I always hate that question – what are you most thankful for this year!?  I always feel all this pressure to come up with a really good answer and start ranking and scrutinizing all my available thanksgiving answers to come up with the very best one which, you know, ultimately leads to feeling not thankful at all and really critical of perfectly wonderful things! My thanks seem to always come down to the five “f’s” : Faith, Family, Friends, Flowers and Food… which essentially just sums up Thanksgiving, so really I’m just thankful for Thanksgiving ;) Some pics from one of my most favorite holidays!

I’m going to try to hide the embarrassing amount of flower pictures amongst others but really they were just so pretty, I couldn’t stop! And to think, this is my narrowed down selection…

This guy <3 I love his inside out shirt and big smile. I still get so excited when I hear him come into a room :) He makes me all sorts of happy.

Everyone’s a big fan of Papi over here :)

That sweet face <3 Ughhh I adore how she asks how baby's doing every morning… even if she did tell me she didn't want a baby brother anymore and to KEEP HIM IN YOUR TUBBY! when she was mad last night ;) I love to hear her sweet prayers. I love to see her explain things so gently to her brother. And I love that she's all sorts of passionate even if it makes me want to pull my hair out 95% of the time. She's a force to reckon with and she is wonderful.

And then there’s this kid. How can you not love a boy playing with his trains in upside down fairy wings?

You didn’t even notice that extra flower picture, did you ;)

Luke ALMOST, almost, made it to dinner, bless his heart.

My Thanksgiving plate is never very presentable. Really, it’s a just a giant picture of greed but look! Flowers!

Really wish I got a better picture of this one cause she was just so dang cute wanting that giant drumstick for herself, but camera malfunctions and an intense desire to devour the substance on the plate above are to blame.

But perhaps among the things I’m most thankful for this year, is this cozy place we get to call home. Feeling exceptionally blessed and thankful. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! AND NOW AND NOW AND NOW IT’S CHRISTMASTIME!!!!!!!


  1. Cinnypinny says

    What a Beautiful table you set – the flowers, the light coming into the room- all SO beautiful!! First real holiday in the new kitchen and the food looks great! I guess everything is working just fine.
    That picture is Abby in the blue dress- gorgeous child!
    Oh my WORD!
    Love you , CP


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