Month: November 2013

Weekends and Weekends

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Oh dear.. I have been slacking on my documenting our first year of marriage duties… I figure you can only write about doing piles and piles of laundry so many times.. Let’s think back. When we were dating, I got so annoyed at Greg for saying he would rather pay someone to build a garden teepee for our kids than build one himself. (Apparently, these were the things that upset me in those days) I […]

Date With A Dog

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So, if you were not aware, yesterday was International Stout Day. Naturally, this needed to be celebrated so we headed out to stuff ourselves with the food that just might go best with beer – pizza. Unfortunately, we chose the one pizza place that did not in fact, have any stouts on the menu so we were forced to use our imaginations. It’s the thought that counts. But the good news was THAT DOG got […]


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I love gloomy days in Fall. I’m quite surprised Southern California has had as many as it’s had! It gives me an excuse to light candles during the day and drink tea – neither of which I am doing now but I am still enjoying the grey. I was sick all weekend so it’s nice to be out of bed for longer than five minutes before getting queasy. I think Greg learned from our honeymoon […]

Happy Halloween!!

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A sad holiday is one where there is no one to spend it with because you may have waited until the last minute to plan anything. But we are not ones to mope around and feel sorry for ourselves so out came the loud Halloween party music, the pile of hurriedly bought candy (I break into cold sweats when I think of kids coming to a house with no candy!), and naturally, our wedding clothes. […]