Month: June 2016

Sometimes life just feels like you’re juggling a bunch of spinning plates

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the daily life

Sometimes I feel like I can’t stay on top of everything. Actually most times. So let’s add another little human to the mix in 1 to 8 weeks shall we? That thought brings me so much joy and yet at the same time the good ol holy crap what on earth are you going to do!? feeling. This post really doesn’t have any thoughtful realizations or words of wisdom. Just a note to remember this stage […]

32 Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

How far along? 32 Weeks Weight Gained: 31 lbs …it’s really hard to type that without commenting in some sort of HOLY way Symptoms: Let’s just go through what I can’t wait to be done with in a couple of months: sneezing and staying dry. having a brain that works efficiently. having some form of energy. not having to dress an egg shaped body every day. overall not feeling huge. not dreading bathing suit season. these sorts of […]

A bathroom!

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before & after / home

As much as I would love to say HOORAY! IT’S DONE! it’s not. But it’s close so that’s something. I figured I should take pictures now while it’s still newish because have you ever tried to keep a bathroom spotless with a toddler? And before things get all marked up and water-spotted, let’s remember the fresh new feeling that is right now and then plunge into using it how it should be used. Asking guests […]