Month: June 2013

Weekend With The Welty’s

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family days / mmmm meals / wedded bliss

Greg and I love having people up to our house – I’m not sure if it’s because we are starved for human interaction or just have a pure love for hosting or maybe a bit of both but we were so stoked to have my parents up this weekend. We spent the day frantically running around town looking for these special coupe glasses we loved and thought would be so special to present our delicious […]

Spiders and Steps

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date night

We live on a hill which is wonderful because it means almost everyone gets a view of the bay. This also means I should be in shape by now. I am not. So, yesterday I decided to take advantage of the famous Sausalito steps and get this booty into summer shape. This idea led to wheezing. But! I should be in shape in no time. I’m just sure of it!! At least they are pretty […]

These are a few of my favorite things…

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date night / wedded bliss

Greg and I celebrated five whole months of married life yesterday! Mostly this is impressive because we both remembered. We never remember dates. I am going to set up countdown reminders on my phone when it comes to our one year.. We celebrated with champagne and sushi but decided that just wasn’t enough so we opted for an additional pancake picnic on the living room floor. I love that guy a lot. To summarize in a nutshell, here’s […]

Guuurls Day

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family days / mmmm meals

It’s sunny again today but yesterday morning was absolutely dreamy.. it was rainy and un-rushed and oh so lovely. Best of all my sister and mom came to visit. Greg was sweet enough to go visit dad for the day so I could spend some time with them. He earned extra points for stocking the fridge with a mini champagne bottle and “festive” sparkling waters.. it’s the little things ; ) He’s pretty great. I am […]

Hello There!

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date night / hikes! / home / wedded bliss

Turns out Greg and I have been married for five months tomorrow and have already had lots of adventures, most of which we are forgetting rapidly. Blast you memory! So, we wanted to start this lil journal to remember the fun of our newlywedness and keep in touch with our friends and family as we move from here to there. Life has been soaring by – we moved up to this house of preciousness in […]