Happy One Year, To Us : )

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Aaaaand that year went by fast! So fast, that the high hopes I had for planning a killer and oh so sweetly sentimental one year anniversary, just went out the window. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have planned a more fun day if I tried.

The day started with painful and embarrassing medical issues continuing to linger from the week before (YAY for going to the doctor twice last week and still not knowing what is wrong). We laughed and laughed over how awkward marriage can be as we searched for home remedies that would alleviate said annoyance. After downing a couple disgusting concoctions and shoveling my mouth with massive amounts of foods that were said to help, we continued on with a lovely relaxing french press in bed (as was our most coveted tradition)! Using our small but fancy cappuccino cups, (I like the clink of when you put the cup back on the saucer, ok? It makes it feel fancy and festive : ) ) it wasn’t long until we had finished our first small cup of coffee and were heading for the next. The only problem with small cups in bed is, you have to fill them up more often, thus increasing the probability of eventually spilling, splashing, or dropping. I ask Greg if he’s ready for another cup, all the while Bentley’s ball he’s been entertaining himself with, has found its way underneath the bed he no longer can fit under. This dog proceeds to hoist himself under the bed using his feet to kick off of the easily movable bedside table. The table goes one way, the lamp slowly goes the other, Greg starts yelling NO NO NO! STOP!!! as he trustingly continues to hold his tottering cup for his sweet oblivious wife. This wife continues pouring but gets curious and looks to see what all the commotion is about as the steady stream of delicious brown elixir continues to pour. Eyes flash back and grow wide as we both see coffee flowing over the brim of the cup into the saucer and then yes, over the saucer. Somewhere in there, I think my brain shut off and couldn’t comprehend how to make the flowing stop! The lamp is stabilized and he grabs his dripping cup, handing his saucer to me whose hands are still full of carafe and my own cup. I shove the somehow always cluttered objects on my bedside table to the side to make room, and grab his saucer, suddenly getting the brilliant idea that I can just drink the coffee from the saucer. My attempts were a bit too vigorous, aaand enter lady and more sheets covered in more coffee. We hop out of bed, throw the duvet cover into the wash and start our effort to save white fluffy, all over again.

^^he likes to help

^^he likes to help

We blame him.Ruined morning? Never! The sweetest of all husbands proceeded to whip up some delicious eggs, with chives from the garden included! He brings them to me, proudly stating – look it’s a one! The heads fly back in laughter when we look down and see the one is backwards. Still, so very dear is he. Apparently laughter came easily that day. Next on the list: show Greg a small bit of our hike. Up the mountain we went, on what seemed like the most crowded day of the year. We didn’t come close to the 6 miles but we still got to have a nice little chat, a good view, and Greg got to see firsthand how very good that dog is on hikes. 

^^he's a dog that sits in sticks

^^he’s a dog that sits in sticks

We went home to beautify ourselves and I decided with fluttering eyelashes and a please help me look, that it would be so much better to come back to a clean house. Best husband ever award. To work he cheerfully goes, making the bed, sweeping the floors, tidying tidying tidying as I did the pile-o-ever-present dishes. Clean houses make me glowy. I was practically spinning knowing we wouldn’t be coming home to a mess. Big weirdo am I. Off to our next adventure we went! To Tiffany’s we go – to get my ring cleaned of course! It sparkles again : ) Then to a long, delightful lunch with a disappointing waiter. IMG_8889IMG_8890IMG_8891Clearly I like food shots. And then onto our next cheesy activity of the wax museum! We hopped in our car and the big meal of pasta and drinks started to kick in. Straight ahead we stared, contemplating if it was really worth it to drive all the way to Hollywood for something so lame. Mustering up every last bit of energy we had, we slowly nodded yes, and began the drive. Creeping down Hollywood Blvd, we sighted a parking spot right in front of the wax museum, only to decide at the last minute that cake took precedence. Although our half cut up cake is still in my parents freezer, many miles away, we had a second cake at our wedding – slices of the most moist and delicious commercial cake ever. We had half an hour to get there before they closed and set out with a new purpose that enticed us so much more. IMG_8893Victory! Next on the list – champagne and maybe something to actually eat for nutrition, if the full feeling ever went away. It didn’t. We had cake for dinner. So although this may sound pathetic to some – cake for dinner, spending the day mostly driving and cleaning, picking up champagne and flowers at a grocery store the night of your anniversary… we had the most wonderful time. And THAT, in a nutshell, is why I love my husband oh so much. He makes life, even seemingly boring and uneventful life, fun. I feel so so blessed to get to spend my life with my best friend. And here’s to many more to come! : ) IMG_8894


  1. Oh that is the sweetest post! It made my heart so happy! I love getting to peek inside your relationship ;) It is so inspiring hearing about your joy in the simple things, doing life together… and I can attest that you BOTH make the simple things SOOO much fun :) Just, why oh why do you live…. down there?? Hehe I love you two!


  2. Oh Joy! Happy Anniversary, you two! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already. My goodness how time flies when you’re having fun!


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