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Happenings in the Home

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Hey guess what guys! Actually, there’s a bit of a backstory to my happiness so let’s catch you up real quick on what’s been happening over here in LA LA land. These guys came to visit!  Clearly, there was dining involved. Guys golfed, girls gardened. We made this piece of beauty. (Avert your eyes from the ugliness beside, it’s the next project) : ) Girls cooked, boys bbq’d. Aren’t they precious?? : ) Klein was there for […]


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paintings and progress

So, as it turns out, stripes take flippin forever! But, I am happy with how she turned out yet still excited to keep learning and practicing : ) Here’s my story behind this lady. I call her The Housewife simply because I wanted to do a portrait of my experience of being just that. So, a little background.. I had a job as an Interior Designer that I quit with the full intention of seeking a new […]

Days of Love and Paintings

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Valentine’s Day is the one magical day a year where the color gods came together and said pink and red shall be put side by side and actually make people happy, not angry. It seems like such a happy holiday, however subconsciously I think both Greg and I dread it a little. You see, our first Valentine’s together was a bad one and I think we both fear that it will happen again. That was […]


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mmmm meals / paintings and progress / that dog Bentley / the daily life

We are SO FLIPPIN EXCITED to see BOTH our families next week! I can’t believe how incredibly fast this season is going by! I still have no idea what to get Greg. Yes, I know Christmas is next week. If you have any ideas…. : ) Luckily he never reads this so I’m sure he thinks I’m happily planning away and all ready for that lovely day to come. He loves Christmas which scares me […]

Weekends and Weekends

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Oh dear.. I have been slacking on my documenting our first year of marriage duties… I figure you can only write about doing piles and piles of laundry so many times.. Let’s think back. When we were dating, I got so annoyed at Greg for saying he would rather pay someone to build a garden teepee for our kids than build one himself. (Apparently, these were the things that upset me in those days) I […]

Hairs to be cut, soups to be had

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There hasn’t been too much going on lately.. it has been, what my roommates fondly refer to as “shark week.” I’m not sure if that was because you turn into a vicious animal, or because sharks are attracted to blood, but either way, this “occurrence” caused Greg to cautiously ask, “why are you slamming all the doors?” to which I may have yelled, “get OUT of my kitchen unless you want to get hurt!” Yes, […]

Parks and Paintings

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family days / paintings and progress

I took Greg down to the San Jose airport on Sunday cause they had better times and also cause this lovely lady lives there and I was wishin upon a star that she could hang out. And she could!!! I love hanging out with my sister probly more than anything except Jesus and Greg. I always leave feeling like the funniest, most talented person in the world (she is the only human being on earth […]

Happy Saturday

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This morning as I was talking to Greg, I noticed he had glowwwyyy ears! He was sitting in front of the window and the light coming through them made them glow red. I thought to myself, I wanna paint that! so out they came. Luckily Greg had to work a bit today so I had a nice hour or two to paint his focused face (which surprisingly changes quite a bit when he’s thinking). But […]

Oh happy day

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I’m glad I’ve been keeping this blog because if it were up to my memory, I’d say it’s been gray and windy all summer. Really it’s only been a month but it feels like it’s been forever. Greg says I should pray for sun but I’m hesitant because this is making me excited to move : ) BUT in other news, there are so many happy things happening! Greg’s paycheck came in today which means […]