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That Dog

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This is the look I get from him most often these days. This is the “ugh, you” look. I try to pretend he loves me but I think, I mean I know, I tend to smother animals (I really can’t help it! I’ve tried so very hard to contain myself but somehow my face always ends up buried in their wonderful, wonderful fur..) My poor boy is falling apart. He has the itchiest eyes – […]

Favorite Things

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There are few things I like more than whole days spent with my husband doing nothing in particular, and beach days with my dog. Well, Saturday, I got both and I was a happy lady. I was thinking this morning what a gift last year was, despite all my brattiness, that we got to spend a whole year just the two of us (and I mean really, it was a lot of just us) away […]

Our Little Girl

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Oh my, where do I start? Hallelujah! This was the first weekend that my husband didn’t have to work ONE BIT in oh I don’t know, over a month! I miss that guy so much. We had the most relaxing Saturday morning with, did I mention? no work! We went to the camera shop to see if we could get my beloved camera and lens fixed but they said it would cost as much as […]

16 Weeks & Happy Birthday Bentley!

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Greg keeps saying, “I can’t wait till your belly is that big” to which I reply, “it is that big” and he goes into a mild state of shock or horror.. I’m not sure which. How far along? 16 weeks Weight Gained: 8 lbs.. Well, actually it was 10 lbs at the doctor yesterday but today it’s 8 so we are going with 8 ;) The doctor said “that’s a lot for most people but you should be […]

The Curious Case of the Sensible Shoes

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It all started when I was sitting around Friday night, dreaming up what sounded best for dinner. Gnocchi obviously sounded best but I had run out of time and energy to make it myself, as I am prone to do these days. Never fear! Friday is our date night and we haven’t had one for the longest of times so I asked my boyfriend on a date and tada! he accepted. I remembered this place […]

He has Risen!

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So, if you have just been gripped with suspense as to whether Greg liked the outdoor addition, well, I’m happy to report, he did. Yippee!! Just look how happy.He was awfully cute bringing out as many candles as possible so we could have a candlelit dinner instead of turning on the dreaded outdoor light : ) I have trained him so very well. I love warm nights and that one was one of our favorites. […]

The Sun Is Coming, The Sun Is Coming!!

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Okay, it’s always sunny here, but even in a place of constant sun, I’m looking forward to summer and backyard barbecues and running through our freshly mowed weeds with my ever perky pup. This weekend we conquered our great fear and took Bentley to a dog park. I’ve heard horror stories of such places and have avoided them like an Egyptian plague but when my friend invited us to join her and her dog, well, […]

Happenings in the Home

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Hey guess what guys! Actually, there’s a bit of a backstory to my happiness so let’s catch you up real quick on what’s been happening over here in LA LA land. These guys came to visit!  Clearly, there was dining involved. Guys golfed, girls gardened. We made this piece of beauty. (Avert your eyes from the ugliness beside, it’s the next project) : ) Girls cooked, boys bbq’d. Aren’t they precious?? : ) Klein was there for […]

The Worst Place To Bring A Dog

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that dog Bentley / the daily life

Is obviously Beverly Hills. That is, unless said dog can fit into your purse or satchel and is not, in fact, jumping frantically onto each well manicured passerby. After the last post, I gave up all plans to be productive and just spent time working with my little boy. He was doing so good and showing such signs of improvement that when it came to the weekend and we, for the first time in what […]

Oh Mr. Time, where do you go?

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This last weekend, we headed up north for my cousin Lauren’s 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY! Naturally, it was an 80s theme party. Not one to brag, but….. I kinda won the costume contest… Actually my other cousin, Ashley, and her husband, Ricky, won first place cause they showed off their inner Madonna and Hammertime side (ugh if ONLY I had worn my cone bra), but I got next runner up which won me some Airheads and […]