Month: October 2019

New York we love you!!!!

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terrific trips

^^hiiiii Noah Oh New York…I am not a city girl but NY was one of those places I was certain, just CERTAIN, I’d love. I’ve daydreamed many a time of selling everything and moving there when our house of endless projects and fixes and problems gets too overwhelming. Greg thinks I can’t handle the winters …or the summers …or the people …or anything really, BUT I THINK HE’S WRONG. Naturally we visited at the most […]

9 months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

^^cried through this whole shoot. Greg tried to help. Results pictured. Lil man turned 9 months old while we were away hence the posting overload! I gotta do it whenever I have the time ;) He was such a sad boy this month! What with the teeth coming in, the high fever, vomiting, and roseola, he’s been properly clingy and oh so sad. Right now he has the softest little cry that just breaks my […]

South Carolina!

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terrific trips

We had such a fun time in South Carolina! Greg got to hang out with his buddies who haven’t all been together in ages, the kids got filled up on friend time and I had the best time just looking around at all the pretty and watching everyone laughing and playing so freakishly nicely together :) We stayed in the most gorgeous house by the beach! It was so dreamy to wake up in such […]