Month: May 2015

He has a pretty good sister-in-law

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family days

Weekend, weekend, why are you so short? I really feel like the world would generally be a better place if we worked four days and had three day weekends every week. The people would be so much happier.. we’d probably be lookin at world peace. Just sayin. Here is how we spent our weekend:  It’s my favorite. But also, for Greg’s birthday, all he asked for (HA… all…) from Taylor, was a home cooked meal […]

A Dedication

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Abigail Elizabeth

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.” –Psalm 127:3 Boy do I ever get that now! And this is after being unloaded on with that sweet sweet smell of regurgitated sour milk all on my face and in my hair, cause holding her over my head brings the biggest smiles. I’ve tried to wash it out, but the smell magically lingers. And I will continue to chance it every time, […]

Happy Mother’s Day

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family days

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there! I’m so grateful to have such an incredible mother to look up to all these years, and to be blessed with such a remarkable mother-in-law who, if I do say so myself, raised the best man ever. I love you both so much. It’s such an honor to be included in such a tremendous group of women. Thank you for all the late nights, the hand […]

My spunky little four *sniff* month old

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

My my I love this girl. I’ve totally become that mom that’s completely enamored by their child… an embarrassing amount. So let’s talk about her, shall we? I love the way she’ll carry on conversations with me. I love how she feels safe with me and will fall asleep on my shoulder. I love how she kicks her legs and gives me the biggest smiles when I say hi. This motherhood thing is really the biggest privilege I’ve […]

She Flew!

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terrific trips

Ahhhhh! We did it! First trip under our belt! Miss Little and her Grammy and I took a trip to Atlanta for the Annual Portrait Conference. You may remember I signed up for this little escapade in an excited daze when she was still inside me, just 14 weeks along, when my mind dreamily envisioned her sleeping for the full first year of life. Ya, I have dreaded it every day since. How many diapers do you bring? […]