Month: July 2013

Oh happy day

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I’m glad I’ve been keeping this blog because if it were up to my memory, I’d say it’s been gray and windy all summer. Really it’s only been a month but it feels like it’s been forever. Greg says I should pray for sun but I’m hesitant because this is making me excited to move : ) BUT in other news, there are so many happy things happening! Greg’s paycheck came in today which means […]

Poor Little Newlyweds

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mmmm meals / wedded bliss

We weren’t home long yesterday before Greg declared there was no food in the cupboards! I try to get rid of everything before we go on trips and I don’t like to keep too many snacks around or else I eat them : D *no self control* so this wasn’t new news to me. I was planning on going to the store that day but before I knew it, it was 1:30 and I was […]

10 Highlights from the week : )

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family days / terrific trips

Last week was busy busy busy but so much fun… here are our highlights: 1) “Cocktails” at the Burkes! >>My cousin and her hubs invite us over to see their adorable new place. >>My dad asks if he and my mom could come too. >>I drop the ball on communicating that we would like to come over for cocktails and would like them to come over for dinner. >>We arrive and Lauren asks if anyone […]

Lunch and a Tasting

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mmmm meals

Today we spontaneously left our house at 2pm with hungry stomachs in search of a late lunch and ended up here: That’s right, Napa – my favoritest place on earth (not really but only sometimes). Perhaps to reward ourselves for saving SO much money last week, we decided to blow it all on just one meal. Just kidding but seriously, this food was amazing and such a contrast to what is being offered on the frozen food […]

Dear Mother, prepare to be horrified

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mmmm meals / why do i act like a child

I would not want to deceive you by only including stories of fun and tales of adventure. No, no. I am much too honest and highly too immature to keep that up. Greg has been working incredibly hard this past week catching up on work stuff consequently leaving his oh so needy wife feeling awfully neglected. We are talking 14 hour days here (actually we are currently approaching 17 hours as we speak, poor Greg!) […]

Big Sur Bound

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terrific trips

The strangest thing happened this morning: Neither Greg or I have been sleeping well lately so thankfully we got a full 11 hours! last night and woke up very discombobulated. It was foggy, but there were no obnoxious fog horns to be heard. We had run out of coffee so we walked down to the Starbucks in town to find not one boat out on the water for as far as we could see! Not […]

Wemember Wednesday

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date night / terrific trips / wedded bliss

I was going to use “Turn Back Tuesday” until I realized it… was already Wednesday. Where has this week gone?? It’s been full of dud meals and sporadic sobs for no reason (gotta love being a woman) so let’s remember the better things shall we : ) Actually, Greg’s been wanting me to put this up for you, Lory, since it seemed to have slipped his mind when he told you about our LA trip. A month […]