Month: March 2016

Happy Halfway, Baby!

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baby #2 / pregnancy

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Happy Halfway! Happy all happy things day! I just love today. Isn’t green just the happiest color? Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any of my old green clothes so we had to settle for army green which you know, is a little more communist and a little less HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS but you know, we work with what we’ve got. Abbie can make up for it in all her adorable […]

Sometimes I Avoid Things

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the daily life

And look at the millions of pictures I have saved on my desktop instead. Like this one. How much better would our Christmas card have been if Greg had let me post the back side??  heheh that little face :):) Gets me every time. Just your friendly reminder that CHRISTMAS IS COMING! and that I’ll be holding a little bundle of baby goodness this year and I freakin can’t wait. Because I’ve also been watching […]

You know you’re old when

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terrific trips

…you go to see one of your favorite bands yet another time and get tired and slightly anxious that it’s standing room only. But hey! We went to a concert for the first time in forever so be proud of us. And here’s your token lame concert picture.  And another just because these are actually way better than my flip phone days.  Just look at that young, hip crowd, holding that fine gentlemen on that light-up […]