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Oh hey, 28

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I wish I had something wise to say in these late years of my life, but alas, I’ve got nothin. But I do know my family spoils me rotten and I am the luckiest lady in the world. My sweet crippled sister surprised me early Wednesday morning with a homemade breakfast delivered via hopping foot and basket. I can’t. even. She’s the best.  Did you know, as long as I’ve been alive, it has never […]

Holiday Happenings

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This kiddo has some serious skills. She loves to have dance parties in my belly (and we are talking full on bootie boogie with kicks and hand movements included) but every. single. time. I get out my phone to record these moments, she assumes the old familiar fetal position and appears to fall fast asleep as if my belly didn’t look like it had an umbrella sticking out of it just moments before. Her timing […]

I love Fall

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date night / family days / wedded bliss

What do you do when you wake up for hours and hours yet another night in a row for no darn good reason? That’s right. You dream of happier times! Like this glorious weekend! Oh my golly was it gorgeous! And!!! AND!!! there were lots of dates which I’m always a fan of. We haven’t had a date night in the longest time so that was awful nice. Greg got a lot of verbal vomit from this […]

Our Little Girl

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Oh my, where do I start? Hallelujah! This was the first weekend that my husband didn’t have to work ONE BIT in oh I don’t know, over a month! I miss that guy so much. We had the most relaxing Saturday morning with, did I mention? no work! We went to the camera shop to see if we could get my beloved camera and lens fixed but they said it would cost as much as […]

Oh Santa Cruz, how I miss you

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date night / family days / terrific trips

I’m not sure why but I’ve been especially homesick lately. Luckily it was my best friends birthday this last weekend so I had an excuse to hit the road and rush upwards and onwards! Poor Greg had to stay home and work and work and work but he was ever so sweet and took me on a date to the magical land of Glendale before I left…. to get sushi. American pregnancy books say no no […]

Step away from the dirt pit…

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I’m convinced the main reason I haven’t found myself gushing about all things LA is well, because, I rarely get out of my house. I’m that lady that should probably have cats but instead has one rambunctious dog who she takes to the dog park every once in a while, goes to the grocery store, and has occasionally ventured out to a restaurant here and there. It’s sad. I would like to say it will […]

The Curious Case of the Sensible Shoes

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It all started when I was sitting around Friday night, dreaming up what sounded best for dinner. Gnocchi obviously sounded best but I had run out of time and energy to make it myself, as I am prone to do these days. Never fear! Friday is our date night and we haven’t had one for the longest of times so I asked my boyfriend on a date and tada! he accepted. I remembered this place […]

Happy One Year, To Us : )

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Aaaaand that year went by fast! So fast, that the high hopes I had for planning a killer and oh so sweetly sentimental one year anniversary, just went out the window. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have planned a more fun day if I tried. The day started with painful and embarrassing medical issues continuing to linger from the week before (YAY for going to the doctor twice last week and still not knowing what is wrong). […]

Happy 6 months my little Bentley Bear!

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date night / hikes! / that dog Bentley / the daily life / wedded bliss

That’s right! Bentley turned 6 months old today : ) We are convinced he has stopped growing and will be this size forever. Greg is ashamed of his small dog that’s supposed to be big, but I love him. Clearly, I’m the more accepting parent. We haven’t been up to too much lately.. Less than a week from having a bagpiper in my parents living room, we saw them yet again at a coffee shop […]

Date With A Dog

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date night / that dog Bentley

So, if you were not aware, yesterday was International Stout Day. Naturally, this needed to be celebrated so we headed out to stuff ourselves with the food that just might go best with beer – pizza. Unfortunately, we chose the one pizza place that did not in fact, have any stouts on the menu so we were forced to use our imaginations. It’s the thought that counts. But the good news was THAT DOG got […]