Month: June 2019


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terrific trips

I feel like we’ve just been going going going this whole year, maybe longer! what with a new someone joining our family and then all the birthdays and guest after guest after guest and TAYLOR GETTING MARRIED and all the events that go along with that, and my goodness I’m so tired. But Hawaii was officially our last planned thing and ahhhh it feels good to be able to slow down – both on vacation […]

5 Months

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

Five months with the sweetest baby boy. He’s been exploring nights of no sleep whatsoever, has forgotten he can roll both ways, and is starting to express strong frustrations with not being able to make his hands do exactly what he wants them to do but MY GOODNESS he’s as sweet as they come! Chattiest little man… often run in cause I think he’s crying/screaming/etc but no… just loudly chattin away! His eyes are starting […]