9 Weeks

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Bump bump bump – yes this counts as a bump! Craziness that our little babe has got everything in place to grow grow grow! Gosh, I sound like the goose on Charlotte’s Web. Anyways let’s use this handy dandy questionnaire from every other maternity blog on the interwebs to keep track!

How far along? 9 weeks! Last month of the first trimester! Please energy, please come back.

Weight Gained: Imma go with 4 lbs still… the dreaded scale should be here by next week…

Symptoms: I probably could sleep all day if I was sure Greg wouldn’t ask me what I did all day : ) Other then being sleepy, all my other symptoms seemed to have vanished… is that bad? I actually gave Greg a big hug this morning without it hurting! Hallelujah! Darn boobs.

Movement: Probably too early for that..

Food cravings: All food pretty much sounds good all the time. Although, we had just come from a big brunch with our friends and decided to do a bit of errand shopping in the mall. We were both talking about how full we were but then! With red and yellow lights from above, there was hot dog on a stick calling me, calling me (yes, with an echo). Greg tried to hold in his disgust as I gobbled it down in seconds : ) Ooooo it was so very good. I want one now. Again. And with the lemonade : ) : )

Food aversions: Not much. We have a lot of chocolate in the house right now for some reason.. people keep giving it to us. That doesn’t sound very good ever. I want fruit gummies : ) Ironically, chocolate was the thing that tipped Greg off to me mayyybe actually being pregnant. I asked him for some chocolate ice cream… with some chocolate sauce? And could I get some chocolate milk on the side? That’s a surprising amount of chocolate for one that prefers fruit desserts.. I got the raised eyebrows : )

Sleep: Pretty good! Minus a couple very weird, scary dreams. Those can stop.

Stretch marks? No *fingers crossed*

Belly button in or out? In, I should hope still

Miss anything? Festive drinks : (

Mood? Oh so happy

Maternity Clothes? The last probably seven shirts I got had a baby someday in mind ; ) I’m just so prepared for such things..

New baby items: Oh jeeze. Just lookit what my momma got this little one:

It’s the dearest. I can’t help but keep taking it out and holding it… it’s so very tiny!

Exercise: Doctor says FIVE. TIMES. a week. So far, so good! I like having a reason to do something : )

Best moment of the week: Hearing the heartbeat, duh!

Looking forward to: Someday getting to announce it to the world : )


In other news, it’s been a pretty slow week. Greg’s been crazy busy at work yet still mustered up the energy to bake (yes HE baked) some banana bread! I heard him working away in the kitchen. That’s probably the dearest of all sounds. And it was delicious. photo 1

I made yet another soufflé that refused to rise all the way. But I was still pretty proud cause I whipped it by hand like a real french woman. That was the most action my wrist has gotten, oh, in its whole lifetime. Plus, you know you’ve cooked a real french meal when every whisk you own has been used : ) And I got the happy smile from my husband cause he thought it was a lot of work (bah!) and I used greens from our garden for our salad. *woman points*photo 4And lookit! My husband still managed to make my drink look just as festive as his (and just a touch more girly).

This is the meatloaf sandwich I ate before the corn dog. You can now understand Greg’s confusion and disgust (I’ve never been a big eater so this is all so very odd). photo 3But boy was it good. Dad, you’d really like this place… It’s old and dark and funky with all the German decorations you like.. and all the waitresses are St. Pauli girls, all the time ; ) I was thinking, isn’t it a little early to be wearing that costume, lady? It seemed a normal thing for her.

And last but not least, exciting news of the week: We have grapes in our yard. Did I mention the artichokes too? Our little dirt pit just keeps on springing up new surprises. photo 2It’s awfully fun to go outside and find something new on your property though : ) Oh! And a tomato plant has sprung up in the front yard… I am hoping the Lord isn’t preparing us for a famine in the land where we have to live on our four grapes a day. This would be a very bad time considering my newfound appetite! Just kidding. Hope you all are well! Happy Thursday!

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  1. You look SO cute! I love you, little baby olive! PLEASE keep sending pictures – it makes the baby so real for all of us here in Santa Cruz. Much love and prayers to both of you.


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