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That Hike

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little stories

Sometimes there are little things that happen that I want to pause to remember. Like today! I love my kids an absurd amount but there is one thing about them that drives me up the wall. They appear to hate being outside. We live in California – the land of notoriously perfect, 72 degree days. If it’s 73 it’s nooooooo it’s too hot!!! if it’s 71 IT’S FREEZING!!!. Each time they utter such absurdities a […]

Little Stories: The death of yet another lipstick

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This girl :) Oh my goodness she’s turning into a fiery little soul :) She’s has definitely entered into full on toddler everything these days and yesterday was no exception. I’ve found the hardest thing lately has been keeping up with dishes and laundry because they are just constant and with Greg home, for whatever reason, it’s harder for me to stay on top of them. So yesterday I was trying to tackle them once […]

Little Stories: The Case of the Crêpe

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Abigail Elizabeth / little stories

Sometimes All the time I wonder what is wrong with my brain. Like yesterday, when I went out to the garage to get Abbie’s diapers out of the dryer and saw our neighbor in the middle of our backyard, picking our fruit, and all I could think to say was hi. Not, umm… whatcha doin there?, like a normal person would. I scurried into the garage and that was that. Another awkward encounter for the […]