Month: June 2018


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the daily life

Yesterday we baked cookies. We danced and I cried from being so dang tired all the time. I googled answers to my tiredness and all was better ;) Yesterday we ate dinner outside amongst our rubble. It was the first meal I made in our almost done kitchen that was pretty dang delicious ifidosaysomyself. Yesterday was good. Today I shrunk my new curtains four inches. Let’s look back to yesterday. His thing right now is […]

An attempt at catching up

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the daily life

Oh hi again! My goodness it’s been a while. I honestly have no idea where to start cause looking back on my bajillions of photos, so much has changed and happened and and and. But let’s start here cause these are some of my favorite pictures of Luke and I never got a chance to post them and now there’s absolutely no reason to except that I love them and my dang computer keeps telling […]