Month: July 2015

Oh hi, July. Oh bye, July.

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family days / the daily life

So this month we moved (!!!)… and Abbie decided to kick into high gear teething aka what boxes? just hold me foreverandeverandever amen. Hence why I haven’t had any available hands to tell you how incredibly patriotic she was on her first Fourth of July! Or how you set her here and she ends up over there! Or how that dog has looked like this ever since we’ve come here because he misses Ruari so! He’s also […]

We kept a baby alive for over half a year!

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

…six months and five days to be exact! …and I’m late to tell you about it. But there have been a couple things going on.. weddings to help out with and ceilings that needed retouching and mooooooving to attend to so, that’s a good excuse, right? Happy half birthday my sweet little one! You, my dear, have brought such joy to our lives. I seriously cannot figure out why we got so lucky to have a […]


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wedded bliss

You can just go ahead and pick me up out of my puddle of happiness now because I seriously can’t believe it! HE GOT US A HOUSE!!! If you talk to Greg, he’ll correct that statement by saying He allowed us to buy a house but that is sooooo boring because HE GOT US A HOUSE! Even talking to our realtor, she said, it certainly seems like He moved heaven and earth for you guys to […]