Month: July 2016

Luke Blane: A little birth story

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baby #2 / Luke Blane

Where does one start on such things? It’s truly amazing how the brain works… I clearly remember telling Greg while I was sobbing in the throes of labor to go make his appointment RIGHT NOW because I am never going through this again! And here we are on day three and I’m trying so hard to remember just how miserable I really was and how determined I remember being that this was definitely our last child. Which […]

Oh my goodness, HE’S here!

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baby #2 / Luke Blane

He’s here! He’s here! And he’s a BOY! Coming from a family of a whole lot of girls, I’m still in a little bit of shock but this one, man… he’s the dearest thing and has stolen my heart. I can’t stop staring! Mr. Luke Blane Nettles Born July 27 at 7:21pm 6lbs 8oz of tiny goodness Welcome to the world little buddy! We love you more than we know how to express.

Taylor’s 30th!

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family days

This beautiful woman turned 30 on Friday and we had the best time celebrating her! She’s such an inspiration to me and probably the biggest encouragement and cheerleader in my life, I just love her so much. It’s no secret that I’m particularly excited about Abbie becoming a big sister because of my relationship with my big sister growing up. Siblings are just the best. Especially this one. She gets all the prizes. Literally… mom […]

Because I haven’t bombarded you with pictures in a while

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Abigail Elizabeth / the daily life

And who doesn’t like two posts in one day? I’m clearly avoiding chores. Just a note to remember the little things like baths and giggles and smiles. I love this girl so much. And baths… she doesn’t get enough so this was a special occasion :) She loves playing “mermaid hairees” and swirling around in the water… she just recently started trying to do it on her own which terrifies me. Lets just say, lots […]

Happy original due date, Little Love!

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baby #2 / bump / pregnancy

^^And this is what you get when you’re too lazy to get out the tripod… or put on a shirt, apparently.^^ Before you get too excited, we are still only 38 weeks but this was my original due date that I was not so secretly hoping would reveal itself as the actual due date ;) But really, this pregnancy has gone by so fast, I’m happy this little one has made itself comfy in there. […]

37 Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

Three things: 1) We made it! We can officially have our baby at home now! It was touch and go for a while there ;) BUT it really cemented in my mind how much I really don’t want to go to the hospital. So YAY! happy day. 2) I feel like when I first got pregnant with Abbie, 37 weeks was the standard full term… and then by the time we had her it was […]

Happy One Year, Little Home

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before & after / home

Oh brother. I have at least six posts started that never got finished and are too late now to make any sense… and I did start writing this on her actual half birthday/day-we-actually-moved-into-our-house-anniversary but I’ll post it anyways because THIS IS A BIG DEAL! One whole year of His AMAZING provisions and one and a half years of having the biggest bundle of joy in our lives! So here ya go – late post and all, […]