Month: February 2016

16ish Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

Because Greg said my crappy mirror pictures were no good. As shown below.  Yes dear, your sister got the big camera and you get this. You’re welcome. OK i’ll try to make more of an effort to 1) bathe and 2) document this little one better than that  ^^ because that ^^ is just sad. I mean, my eye. Oh you didn’t notice? Never mind then. Hey! remember this? I probably can’t do it every […]

15(ish) Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

I got to feel you kick last night and it was just as magical as I remember. Thanks for that, baby. You’ve been such a little joy in there not making momma uncomfortable at all, that I worry if you are real sometimes. Your sister has been continuing with the many kisses and practicing with her baby dolls. She sure loves those dollies.. you’re gunna be like a dream come true when she finally gets […]