Month: June 2014

Step away from the dirt pit…

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I’m convinced the main reason I haven’t found myself gushing about all things LA is well, because, I rarely get out of my house. I’m that lady that should probably have cats but instead has one rambunctious dog who she takes to the dog park every once in a while, goes to the grocery store, and has occasionally ventured out to a restaurant here and there. It’s sad. I would like to say it will […]

12 Weeks

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I think my stomach has officially shrunk but maybe it’s because the pudge pudge bloat is *starting* to decrease and real baby is starting to emerge!! I was sick the other day and felt scary skinny again so I took a picture lying down like one I had from before when we first found out we were pregnant and sure enough <<somethins changed>> So. Bloat be gone. That’s my answer to this ^^ How far […]

No offense but, my baby is cuter than your baby

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Oh my goodness, I am so smitten. We got to see our baby again for the 12 week check up and oh my sweet potato pie, it has the most adorable little profile I ever did see. It was so cute, squirming all around, kicking its lil leggies and *my favorite* arching its little back. Sigh. I honestly thought they were just going to check the heartbeat otherwise we would have taken a video, but we […]

11 Weeks

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baby #1 / bump / pregnancy

Guess what, guess what!! Greg said he could finally see a bump : ) : ) You can’t really tell in these pictures cause I take them first thing in the morning and haven’t had the slightest chance to balloon, but still! How far along? 11 weeks Weight Gained: 3.5 lbs. Look at me, staying on track ; ) …again….taken in the moooorning…. Symptoms: I’ve either had an extremely smelly trash lately and the dog park is beginning […]

Happy Birthday! Anniversary! Fathers Day!

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Last week was hard on me because I made the big decision to put away my paints for a while to focus on other things at this stage in our journey. It felt very much like I was losing a part of myself or had failed in some way since I never actually got to see it go anywhere, per say. Hopefully later on down the road, I’ll get to do it again but for now, I […]

10 Weeks

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baby #1 / bump / pregnancy

Every day I ask Greg, “Can you see it!?” and every day he answers, “I can see you are sticking it out…” And then he proceeds to try to straighten out my spine which then makes me feel like an ape woman. How far along? 10 weeks Weight Gained: 3 lbs.We got a scale! Greg insists it doesn’t give an accurate reading, bless his soul. Symptoms: Ummmm acne. Fun. Oooo and! I can actually make it through the day […]

The Curious Case of the Sensible Shoes

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It all started when I was sitting around Friday night, dreaming up what sounded best for dinner. Gnocchi obviously sounded best but I had run out of time and energy to make it myself, as I am prone to do these days. Never fear! Friday is our date night and we haven’t had one for the longest of times so I asked my boyfriend on a date and tada! he accepted. I remembered this place […]

9 Weeks

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Bump bump bump – yes this counts as a bump! Craziness that our little babe has got everything in place to grow grow grow! Gosh, I sound like the goose on Charlotte’s Web. Anyways let’s use this handy dandy questionnaire from every other maternity blog on the interwebs to keep track! How far along? 9 weeks! Last month of the first trimester! Please energy, please come back. Weight Gained: Imma go with 4 lbs still… the dreaded scale […]

Things I Want to Remember

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baby #1 / pregnancy / wedded bliss

Funny I ended the last post with “and things went back to normal” because as you know, they’ve been anything but normal. I figured it’s about time for an update lest I forget everything as I am prone to do. I’m not really sure where to start! Let’s start here:Yippeeeee!! I’m so very proud of this pee stick. You must know, I’ve wanted to be a mom probably since I came out of the womb […]