Month: September 2016


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Luke Blane

NOOOOOOOO!!! My baby boy has had the most perfect belly button. It’s been just this perfect little swirl and I just looked at it again and it’s turning into an ordinary ol inny and I’m SO SAD! I never got a good picture of it :[ Only this one with goosebumps and lots of diaper creases BOOO and I always meant to go back and take a better one with cool lighting and such and […]

Two Months

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

Oh you dear second child, you. I always think I’ll remember each thing but that has yet to be the case. Ever. In any area of my life. I do remember another month of more spit up than you could ever imagine. And a boy that never wanted to be put down. Until yesterday… you let me put you down for like a full 5 minutes without even a whimper of protest and it was […]

One hundred pictures of filthy children AKA our first family camping trip

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terrific trips

As Greg’s paternity leave is coming to an end, I realized, we may not have a chance to take a spontaneous trip for a while! We’ve actually never been on a just-our-family family vacation (we are always visiting someone or with other people) so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get away and enjoy some quality time together before he has to go back to work! I was so sad we had to miss […]

My boy Luke

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Luke Blane

Oh Mister Luke. I know it’s hard to hold your own when you’re new and you have a big sister with a big personality who mostly just loves to be on top of you, but I just wanted you to know we sure love you. You make your daddy and I so happy with your sweet, snuggly self. I can’t wait to see what special personality He put inside of you :) I have a […]

Snippets from Michigan

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family days / terrific trips

We just got back from Michigan yesterday.. rather, we *survived* traveling across the country and back with a toddler and a newborn and will be drinking celebratory champagne from this day forth. Insert all the praise hands! I had a minute before things got crazy busy again so I thought I’d post some pictchas! Both of those kiddos did WAY better than I expected on the plane and although it was a bit stressful at times and schedules […]