Month: May 2016

A babymoon, an ER visit and a whole lot of life lately

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terrific trips / the daily life

Guess who’s falling behind again…. I was looking through my pictures and had no idea where to start because I’ve missed so much lately but hey! let’s start here. Weeks and weeks ago Greg took me on a delightful little babymoon! We tried our best to not only talk about Abbie but to focus on this new little one that is COMING IN LIKE TWO MONTHS!!!! How! HOW?? Every day I tell Greg what I think […]

Happy third trimester baby! // 28ish Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

How far along? 28 weeks although midwife now thinks 30… oh this is exciting, isn’t it? Weight Gained: My scale said I weigh 122lbs heheheh I’m the skinniest pregnant woman of all time! And then I went to my prenatal appointment which corrected my broken machine to reflect that no no, you’ve gained 29 pounds. Holy my. Symptoms: Pregnancy symptoms are embarrassing. Movement: This one is the most active little thing – especially in the middle of the […]

This Week

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the daily life

This week a kitty decided to start leaving us presents on our doorstep. Three days and three half eaten rodents later, I think we have a pretty solid friendship in the making. This week a red crayon and a yellow crayon appeared in the dryer and as life tends to work itself out, melted on all the new clothes and miraculously and mysteriously didn’t mark any of the “around the house” clothes. It does baffle me how […]