Month: December 2013


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We are SO FLIPPIN EXCITED to see BOTH our families next week! I can’t believe how incredibly fast this season is going by! I still have no idea what to get Greg. Yes, I know Christmas is next week. If you have any ideas…. : ) Luckily he never reads this so I’m sure he thinks I’m happily planning away and all ready for that lovely day to come. He loves Christmas which scares me […]

My Little Bonnet Boy

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that dog Bentley

He made it!! This little munchkin left a confident young lad and returned with a bonnet and an ashen rose colored sash. I must say, the color is quite becoming on him! He is finally starting to adjust to this new way of life. He has found it to be very helpful in holding toys..Having an excuse to watch tv on the couch with mom and dad..And even sleep on their bed!I get the giggles […]

Balls and Christmas Balls ; )

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Clearly, someone must have told him : ) My little doggy mommy heart is breaking cause my yellow son is losing his manhood today. Every time I would remember, I would get all shaky and nauseous feeling and I just knew he could tell something was up. Alas, hopefully a calm, non-humping boy will return : ) But today his happy little presence is very much missed. BUT LET’S NOT FORGET IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!! […]

I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving

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To say this move has been a bit of an adjustment is an understatement. I don’t know what’s been up with me but for whatever reason, it’s been a whole lot more difficult than I ever expected. So, when Greg mentioned while we were sipping our coffee in bed that maybe we should leave today (last Saturday) instead of waiting to go up for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, oh my oh my.. how does one describe […]