Month: February 2018

Abbie turns THREE oh and hiiiii New Years

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Abigail Elizabeth / family days

So, I think I’ve really just been holed up, trying to survive this renovation. I’m so dang stressed, I’m getting bumps and rashes all over my arms, poor Greg comes home from work so happy and is instantly hit with the presence that is me and my goodness I just can’t wait to be done with it. If you think I’m joking, here is our cheese plate for our New Years party. I’ve clearly given […]

If you could only hear the sounds

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family days

We have a little slideshow that plays family pictures when our apple tv is on, and the other night Greg and I were just sitting there watching it go round and round, listening to music and I thought, my goodness I really haven’t taken many pictures lately cause I’m tired and lazy and sometimes just wanna enjoy the whole dang experience doggonit but I sure do love looking back at all these times I would […]