From that one time… when we went to Napa and ate foods

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So, we went to Napa last weekend and had a meal or two. I’m not really sure where to begin so let’s start here. These ribs were amazing. And no, they were not all for me. Stop judging, gosh. napa
They literally fell off the bone and into my mouth and in there all my little buds had a party. They partied so hard, I had a my whole pile finished and completed only to look over and see my sweet sister still nibbling on her first. I really hope my appetite goes back to normal in a couple months, otherwise you’ll be rolling me out of restaurants like Violet Beauregarde. And then there was a wine tasting for all the other people who were not actually growing a human in their bellies, an olive oil tasting, and lots and lots of pool time : ) And then!!! There was more food!!! And celebrating because it was this guys birthday : ) napa-3
He turned 60, which I feel like is an excellent age to become The Grandfather : ) And Aunt Sara and Uncle Steve, and Aunt Kathy and Uncle John, and Aunt Cindy and Uncle Ray were all there and it was marvelous! And there was the most delectable cheese I’ve ever tasted on the most perfectly ripened tomatoes and Greg said he would never forget the name of it, as long as he shall live, and he did. The very next day. I’m allowed to use this point for future reference. napa-2napa-4napa-5napa-6


^^ Isn’t he the cutest 60 year old you ever did see?? Happy birthday daddddyyyy!!!! We sure do love you loads! ^^

And then there was more pool time where my belly got burned just on one side because it is huge and has turned into a mountain with a proper dark side. I was ashamed.
Need I mention there was a delicious breakfast and lunch in there too? Oh my. I wasn’t joking when I told you Greg and I plan our lives around food. It makes me soooooo happy. So when I say I’ve been saving for this next meal since college, literally eating the same thing over and over so I can put the $5 I have left in my budget in an envelope for one good meal in, oh my, has it been 6 years?, in 6 years, you can start to imagine the giddiness we felt walking up to this place. napa-11

^^ just call us the valentine sisters.. ^^

^^ just call us the valentine sisters.. ^^

^^ and these are their majestic gardens ^^

^^ and these are their majestic gardens ^^

^^ we clearly don't come here often.. ahem.. ever. Hence the token group photo :) ^^

^^ we clearly don’t come here often.. ahem.. ever, hence the token group photo :) ^^


^^ their napkins are even made special!! ^^

^^ their napkins are even made special!! ^^

^^ seriously, we be giddy ^^

^^ seriously, we be giddy ^^

^^ yes, we all took home our pins ; ) aren’t even the napkins beautiful!? ^^
^^ and those FLOWERS! ^^

And let’s begin
Greg promised he would take me back here someday (someday) at a time where I get to enjoy their delicious wines too but for the time being, they were awesome and gave me a special non alcoholic paring with each course so I didn’t feel so very left out. In fact I felt even more special :):) We had the best of all waiters. So, I know the French Laundry is known for a couple staples, but when I looked at the menu, I didn’t see any of them on there. And a little part of me was trying so hard not to be sad inside. But then! There were surprise courses among the 42 already listed, so we did get our savory ice cream cones after all! napa-25
I’m going to call it the appetizer section. The appetizer section certainly impressed me the most. They had the most delicious flavors, presented in the most creative ways. AH! I would go back if we just got these first three, and that was it! I don’t think Greg or I talked much… we just kept looking over at each other with wild, happy eyes.napa-26
This one was my most favorite. Actually, it was the one I was least looking forward to because, do you see all that caviar? I do like caviar, but a jar of it on my meal? Umm… well let’s just trust the chef and try it. Oh my heavens. Again, my favorite. I love people who know what they are doing. napa-27
Okay, seriously. Let’s just take a look at how thin this chip is WITH a chive baked perfectly into it. napa-28
Come on now.
And then there was a “salad.”

And a fishy.

And lobster goodness.

And perfect chicken.

And lambs, as Greg likes to call it. Makes me wonder every time why I’m not a vegetarian. Poor lambs.

And the cheeses.

And then desserts!!! This one was some sort of shaved cake with the most delicious fruits atop.

And their version of cookies and ice cream : )

And a special birthday cake for daddeee

And then there was coffee and donuts and macaroons and a mousse. And all those tiny little courses added up to make one stuffed pregnant lady. But boy was she happy. napa-39
And so was he. Isn’t he handsome?? I love him.

Happy birthday daddy!!! We love you ever so much!!! Thanks for including us in your spectacular birfday celebrations!! napa-43


  1. CinnyPinny says

    oh my goodness! It all looks so wonderful and delicious – and you all look so wonderful (and delicious!) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!


  2. Aunt Sara and Uncle Steve says

    Beautiful pictures Hillary! And like you, my favorite bite was the oysters and pearls! Although I loved everyone of them!
    What a night! We’ll never forget it! Full of special moments that will be forever cherished!


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