Month: March 2015

And we have touched sand

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Abigail Elizabeth / the daily life

Oh jeeze, you guys. You’ve GOT to see this girl in her rocker. Despite vowing to never ever ever buy useless baby gear that is big and bulky and plastic, I think I mentioned a couple of weeks ago we may have made our first yes-we-are-parents purchase and don’t regret it in the least! <–is that how you use that phrase? Anyways, she lights up over the little mobile every time we put her in it and it. is. […]


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Abigail Elizabeth / family days

What do you do during naps? I always think I can sleep when she sleeps and try, try so very hard but then spend the whole time trying to figure out if that is the best choice: Go take a shower. No, if you move, she’ll wake up and then you’ll get no shower and no things done. Think of things you can do from right here. No, sleep is more important. Danggit. If only […]

A Day In My Life

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Abigail Elizabeth / parenting / the daily life

**I wrote this a while ago but forgot to post it… and since this blog is my memory, up it goes. Because I like to remember ;) ** Greg and I are sadly proving to be repeatedly delusional. The week before our puppy was due to arrive, we spent hours upon hours watching YouTube videos on how to raise the perfect dog, convincing ourselves our impulse buy would be easy. It was not. He is a terror. Likewise, when […]

Heyyy Diddle Diddle! You are two months old tomorrow!

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

Booohoo! Everyone said it would go by fast but NO ONE SAID how hard it would be when you actually have to put away the newborn clothes to make room in her already stuffed drawers because her head is actually not fitting through the hole of that adorable outfit she wore all of twice. Sigh. She is definitely already developing a little personality that I adore and has her special preferences: Her main preference is […]

Our “Snow” Trip

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family days / terrific trips

Thursday night, Greg came home to his sobbing, nursing wife, blubbering about how all she wanted to do that day was to make a nice meal and make herself pretty for him – obviously neither of which actually got done. I love my husband. He just laughs at me. Although I never managed to escape the homeless lady look I had going on, I did get to whip up some sort of something edible once I […]