Month: August 2016

Where on earth does the time go?? …we appear to have a one month old

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

We did it! We kept two babies alive for a whole 31 days!!! Holy cow where does the time go?? This little guy is one month old today and is making my mommy heart swell with pride at every little thing he does. Oh? You hear that high pitched scream? No you didn’t step on the cat, that is my son and I love him so. Oh you just changed his diaper and he immediately filled […]

Little Stories: The death of yet another lipstick

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little stories / the daily life

This girl :) Oh my goodness she’s turning into a fiery little soul :) She’s has definitely entered into full on toddler everything these days and yesterday was no exception. I’ve found the hardest thing lately has been keeping up with dishes and laundry because they are just constant and with Greg home, for whatever reason, it’s harder for me to stay on top of them. So yesterday I was trying to tackle them once […]

Tidbits from the last couple of weeks

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the daily life

Oh boy… I keep meaning to do a little update but every time I think of it, I get tired and do something else instead. So. many. bad. pictures. But such a sweet time! So bear with me here :) Having Greg home has been so wonderful. I honestly was really worried about it cause I’m definitely one that loves my alone time and thought there was a great possibility of us driving each other […]