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We are SO FLIPPIN EXCITED to see BOTH our families next week! I can’t believe how incredibly fast this season is going by! I still have no idea what to get Greg. Yes, I know Christmas is next week. If you have any ideas…. : ) Luckily he never reads this so I’m sure he thinks I’m happily planning away and all ready for that lovely day to come. He loves Christmas which scares me to death cause I’m so very afraid I’ll burst his bubble of glee on this our very first Christmas together as husband and wife. Anyways, there’s always next year to recover my dignity : )

On an extra prepared note, this guys Christmas came early.

I guess I felt so sorry for him as he ran into everything with his darling little cone head, I found myself released in a store complete with goodies I was sure would cheer him up. So much for making a bed for him, oh and that little thing called our budget. It does warm our hearts to see him all snuggled up in it and cozy, though. Each day seems to cement in our heads that DOGS. DRAIN. BANK. ACCOUNTS. Maybe it’s just the first year? *she said hopefully* We did a rough estimate on what he might cost when we were frantically looking for a pup with the highest of hopes that he would make our life complete, and apparently were very much off : ) Alas, such is life. But he makes the best baking buddy anyone could ask for. In other news, my glasses finally came and I can see again! Thank the Lord.

I also broke in my new french oven with the classic french peasant meal, coq au vin, : ) shared with these lovely people!

And had this delicious wine

I must say, I was very much disappointed because the last time I made coq au vin, it was (and I don’t say this often) but oh my golly it was amazing. This time, and of course when we have people over, not so much. I wanted to try Le Creuset’s version but it turned out to not be nearly as flavorful. I can’t remember if I used Julia Childs’ last time, or Joy of Cooking. Either way, sadness filled my heart. But ^^that wine was delicious enough to make up for my all day cooking disappointment. : )

Remember this painting? Well, there were some things that bothered me like her dress didn’t seem quite right, and her chest area seemed off, her arm looked flat, maybe the background would look better dark etc.. so I kindaaaa started painting and kinda couldn’t stop and kinda may have painted over her entirely and mayyy have ruined her : ) This is the life of the painter. Greg was horrified but very understanding that this is just part of the job : ) My heart was a little sad but not really cause there was something off about her that I didn’t like in the first place, so there. Here’s right before she started to look like a claymation cave woman. That picture will not be shown : )

I went for a walk with Bentley around our neighborhood and saw this house. See now, this is what I was picturing when I was thinking LA bungalow. Small, simple, but cute tree and dramatic backdrop included : ) Pastor Rene said we should vocalize our expectations. I told him but then that would confirm how crazy my expectations are. He said that was the point. I still like to walk by it and pretend it is ours. I’ve been feeling really convicted about my bad attitude about our house lately. I am very thankful to have a place to live and even have a big backyard (albeit a dirt pit : ) ) for Bentley to roam when he’s getting antsy in the house. Our neighbors even invited us over to a Christmas party at their house. We do have the sweetest neighbors on either side of us. I can’t put my finger on what I dislike so much about this place and am aware I’m probably just spoiled and ungrateful. SO since I can’t seem to shake the icky feeling it gives me, it’ll be a great exercise in counting our many MANY blessings each day (and hour! if that’s what it takes). I have fallen more in love with my husband here than any of the lovely places we were before. He’s become my very bestest friend and for that I am oh so thankful.

We went to Greg’s Christmas work party last week at this delicious place. It was like a really nice Vietnamese restaurant with lots of experimental flavors – a lot really good, a couple hmmm.. They also had really interesting cocktails with the most complex flavors I’ve ever tasted in a drink. And let’s not forget, really good champagne. Except they served it in a wine glass which didn’t seem nearly as festive.

And then this weekend we went to the most delightful lunch and ate way too much. I love sidewalk restaurants – they call to my inner mutt-like europeaness. And oh my was it hot. It was hot for me which means it was pretty roasting since I thrive on making like a lizard and soaking in heat. My husband is wonderful and stuck it out with me because he knew, even though we were both physically miserable, my heart was singing. 

This jaunt was supposed to lead to finishing our Christmas shopping but of course, it instead led to wanting to take a nap. This was diverted by a quick coffee run but ultimately, let’s be honest, no shopping got done that day.

Actually, Greg did get some new jeans (hallelujah!) All his seemed to acquire multiple rips in them for various strange reasons (bicyclist running into him and his phone ripping through his pocket from the impact etc..) so I was so very happy he was finally able to get some new ones. We also saw quite a talented street magician, bought some fresh cigars for some special occasion, and almost fell down from tiredness.

And yesterday I fixed my first sink all by myself

Booya! I felt so very handy. When Greg got home from golfing, he rewarded me with this.

Thanks mom and dad for your festive ideas : ) And this dog, turned out to love ballet. I guess the surgery DID work!

We get to see lots of you guys soon!!!! Have a wonderful week until then!!!!! Love love love you!!


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    Dear, dear Hil,

    You are a “stitch”. I can’t wait to see you both & squeeze you to death! Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

    Hugs by mail for now!



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