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So so thankful

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Thankfulness is a funny thing. There is always something to be thankful for but boy is it easy to focus on the things we don’t have or compare compare compare and cultivate this very unattractive way of looking at life. We have some serious blessings and although I’ll be the first to admit that living with my parents when having my first child wasn’t exactly on my to do list for life, I am ridiculously thankful for all […]

Days of Love and Paintings

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Valentine’s Day is the one magical day a year where the color gods came together and said pink and red shall be put side by side and actually make people happy, not angry. It seems like such a happy holiday, however subconsciously I think both Greg and I dread it a little. You see, our first Valentine’s together was a bad one and I think we both fear that it will happen again. That was […]

Happy One Year, To Us : )

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Aaaaand that year went by fast! So fast, that the high hopes I had for planning a killer and oh so sweetly sentimental one year anniversary, just went out the window. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have planned a more fun day if I tried. The day started with painful and embarrassing medical issues continuing to linger from the week before (YAY for going to the doctor twice last week and still not knowing what is wrong). […]

Happy 6 months my little Bentley Bear!

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That’s right! Bentley turned 6 months old today : ) We are convinced he has stopped growing and will be this size forever. Greg is ashamed of his small dog that’s supposed to be big, but I love him. Clearly, I’m the more accepting parent. We haven’t been up to too much lately.. Less than a week from having a bagpiper in my parents living room, we saw them yet again at a coffee shop […]

Welcome 2014

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Hmm, I’m not quite sure where to begin so let’s do highlights, shall we? 1) The day before we left for Santa Cruz was a rainy one complete with… THUNDER! ..which made Greg and I do a silent happy dance from separate rooms (considering he was on an important conference call : ) ) and sent Bentley bolting to his safe place under the bed like a scared little girl. I always suspected he was […]


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I haven’t been doing it lately. BUT I recently read an article (from a legitimate source!) that walking has the same, if not more (yippee!), health benefits as running. This. is. good. news. I HATE running. I love walking. I could walk for days and days as long as my trick hip doesn’t give out. So, the other day I decided, screw art, I want to be a screenwriter. The problem with that is you […]

Hello There!

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Turns out Greg and I have been married for five months tomorrow and have already had lots of adventures, most of which we are forgetting rapidly. Blast you memory! So, we wanted to start this lil journal to remember the fun of our newlywedness and keep in touch with our friends and family as we move from here to there. Life has been soaring by – we moved up to this house of preciousness in […]