Month: December 2016


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family days

AKA Operation Help Hilly Find Her Christmas Spirit. But let’s start with Thanksgiving because I’m that far behind. I made pies. It only took all of 3 seconds after this was taken for Abbie to sneak into the kitchen and test them out. That girl. She is BUSY. I’m going to see how many more Thanksgivings I can squeeze her into this dress ;) But seriously. This stage of putting her up on the sink […]

5 Months!

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

This badly lit photo is brought to you by a very distracted mom who decided she’s just about had it with the dead tree in her house and decided this was the day to say sayonara to Christmas, thus welcoming a pine needle explosion in each and every corner of her house which led to a┬áday of endless sweeping, therefore┬ácompletely forgotting to take her baby boy’s five month picture until the sun began to set […]

A cozy day for a wedding

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family days

MY GRANDMA IS A FUDGE! I’m so very behind… I still have pictures from Thanksgiving to sort through but alas, my grandma got married yesterday so I wanted to get these up before they hit their one year anniversary ;) It was such a magically rainy day and such a sweet, simple ceremony. I’m very happy that my Grammy has found another great love to do life with and although I miss my Granddad very […]