Month: April 2016

24 Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

How far along? 24ish weeks – last time I went to my midwife she was convinced we were farther along so 24-26ish weeks ;) This should make for some interesting betting when the time comes… Weight Gained: 21 lbs. boom. Symptoms: I have so much to do but I’ve been using Abbie’s second nap to take my own MUHAHAH and it is so lovely. A couple weeks ago I had the fun sensation of feeling empty yet […]

My Sentimental Month

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Abigail Elizabeth

My baby girl turned 15 months old today! This month is special to me because my sister and I were 15 months apart and even though we didn’t get these two that close, I still think they will have just as special of a relationship. I hope. I hopeIhopeIhope. No pressure ;) And in honor of National Sibling Day, I just wanted to take a moment to say how thankful I am to have a sister that […]