Month: August 2018

Our First Family Vacation!

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terrific trips

Well I guess we’ve gone camping as just our family but this was like a real stay-in-a-hotel-and-such family extravaganza! And we had the best time! I must say I was equally looking forward to and dreading this trip for quite some time. Something about 10hrs up and 11.5hrs back + eating most meals out with two squirmy hooligans is enough to give me the hot sweats. BUT they did amazing. Seriously… it was probably all […]

Have I mentioned we are pregnant??

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baby #3

Tell me that’s not the most precious face you’ve ever seen!? I’m so dang excited about this baby. Freaked out of my mind, for sure, but WAY more excited than I can possibly express. We just got back from the best family vacation last night and I’m telling you, I am totally the lady that thinks along the lines of: we have two perfect, healthy babies already …of course we are due for the baby […]