Month: September 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays

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Do NOT get me down! Oh my, this weekend was so wonderfully lazy I can’t even tell you how it soothed my soul. Saturday I woke up to the most wonderful gift from the Lord – rain! When the weather has been perfectly lovely, to sneak a rainy day in there, it just does this body good. It’s like it goes into a mental, slow down, just relax and enjoy mode. We had our fancy […]

Old House, New House

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So, this will probably be the last day of our place resembling a lived in home before the extreme packing begins and the boxes start piling up. It’s rather exciting. This place is lovely and we have loved every minute we’ve been blessed to live here but I’m so looking forward to our next chapter, even if it looks like we’re taking a step backward : ) Best news ever is that Greg and I […]

And then there were two

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date night / wedded bliss

On this our second to last weekend here, we finally made it over to the America’s Cup for an exciting day amongst the Kiwis. I kind of felt like we had made a wrong turn and ended up in enemy camp because we seemed to be way out numbered by people with the wrong flag fluttering from their back like a cape. Nevertheless it was so much fun to be up close and personal and […]


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I haven’t been doing it lately. BUT I recently read an article (from a legitimate source!) that walking has the same, if not more (yippee!), health benefits as running. This. is. good. news. I HATE running. I love walking. I could walk for days and days as long as my trick hip doesn’t give out. So, the other day I decided, screw art, I want to be a screenwriter. The problem with that is you […]

Packing and Pumpkins

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On Monday, I was packing up the stuff that isn’t on display so as to not leave it all to the last minute and I found my box of cards that I’ve been lugging around with me for many years. Add to that an extra emotional lady and ten minutes into reading a couple, I became a blubbering mess. So, having found many that had been left on my bed from my mom and my […]

Weekend Events

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I’m kind of in shock that we really only have two more weekends here. I was especially sad we won’t be getting to celebrate Christmas in this cozy little place so this weekend my dear friend and Christmas LOVER, Laurah, came up to have an early Christmas celebration. To Greg’s horror, we listened to Christmas music, had plans to bake Christmas cookies and drink pumpkin spice lattes but considering the weather was pushing triple digits, […]

Hairs to be cut, soups to be had

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There hasn’t been too much going on lately.. it has been, what my roommates fondly refer to as “shark week.” I’m not sure if that was because you turn into a vicious animal, or because sharks are attracted to blood, but either way, this “occurrence” caused Greg to cautiously ask, “why are you slamming all the doors?” to which I may have yelled, “get OUT of my kitchen unless you want to get hurt!” Yes, […]

The Big Hurrah

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This morning I woke up before 7 (I know, woah) and it was so very quiet and peaceful and just magically lovely. The fog had covered the city and the sun was just peaking over the clouds, all I could do was stand in awe of how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place. I tried to take a picture but failed to capture it at all so instead just stood there […]