Birthday Surprises

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Oh how I don’t look forward to birthdays anymore. But this birthday was special because my whole family surprised me and took the day off work to come celebrate! My sister even came into town and each thing! So, now I’m 27 and trying desperately hard to drop the voice that sounds like a three year old – I am going to be a mother soon, right? It’s time.

^^they even let me have the front seat!^^

^^they even let me have the front seat!^^




IMG_3301 (1)

We spent the whole day in Carmel, ate entirely way too much, and dad found out just how irresistible baby shops can be (and how persuading their shop workers can be..) He got Little some adorable little onesies and a bear sweater. Yes, I cradled them the entire way home. And then we headed back to their magical home and ate my favorite birthday meal – pumpkin soup IN pumpkins. I’m so thankful for this family of mine : )

IMG_3302 (1)

IMG_3303 (1)


Birthdays aren’t so bad :)

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