Month: April 2015


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wedded bliss

Oh my GOODNESS, you guys! God is good. I feel like the lady wandering around celebrating her lost coin because I just can’t help but be in awe of His perfect timing and provision and I just REALLY NEED TO CELEBRATE!!! Okay, I guess the only thing we share with that story is the celebration bit, but my goodness! This One. He needs to be celebrated in excess because our mind sockets have officially been blown […]

We left our baby… WHATTTT!?!?

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terrific trips

And headed to wine country! This momma has been pumping like a mad woman for such an opportunity as this. This is also the time she strongly questioned her oh I’ll just use a hand pump decision. Go ahead, admire my now bulky forearms and hand squeezing power. Feel free to be amazed. Anyways, my worst nightmares did not come true (hallelujah) – we did not have to leave our baby with her first case […]

Sick days & the best (almost three month old) buddy I could ever ask for

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

Sigh, here we are again… another month completed. This one, I tell ya, she keeps getting sweeter and sweeter and has her parents simply smitten by every grin and twinkle. And she does twinkle. Her momma’s cold appears to have revealed itself as the flu, which is appropriate since we were planning to go on a little weekend get away tomorrow. We do not have luck with vacations. Our entire honeymoon, my beloved got to watch […]

It was Easter!

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family days

And I’m late as usual these days ;) Also, this girl. Her smile. I’m pretty sure it could bring peace to the Middle East. It has magical heart melting powers like that. Anyways, it was this Little’s first Easter! And I’m sitting in bed with a cold and a nose that won’t quit for even a second, so let’s try to get through this with one hand and a very foggy memory. Palm Sunday! Now […]

6 Months

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the daily life

Today is bittersweet because it officially marks the end of the sixth month of being back up here. It’s been such a sweet transition place and my parents have been beyond generous to let us take up their adorable studio for way longer than any of us intended, but at the same time, I miss my stuff. I only packed my winter clothes and now it’s getting sunny. Every night I put Abbie in her little bassinet […]