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The most dreamy bed and bath I could possibly ask for

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Here are a few snippets from when the Lord blew our socks off once again. I’m just blown away by how good He is to help us floundering people out and how He seems to care about the silliest details in our lives. Our renovation projects seem to follow the same pattern. We always have a hard time finding a contractor that is available… then we seem to run into one that has a small […]

A few from Thanksgiving

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Because it’s one of my most favorite days of the year! Just lookit these babes all snuggly in the morning watching the parade from on top of their brother And because I clearly can’t get enough of these faces.. Or these little heads.. They are my favorite. Also, Fall flowers are my favorite so let’s take a quick pause to look at 292 pictures of these beauties! I felt like making a cornucopia this year… […]

The Kitchen Post

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Oh boy, where to start, where to start? Alrighty, I will do my best to not be a grumbly old lady, nagging about this and that because honestly, as hard as this project was, I am so thankful for it. I walk in and remember so many miracles that happened and see His hand everywhere – where things just happened to work out or where He provided money at just the right time when we […]

Luke gets a room

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Sweetest boy. I don’t know where the time has gone but I realized I started his nursery forever ago and never finished it so a couple of potato stamps later, it’s feeling complete! There is this beautiful wallpaper that I have been coveting, that if your baby is posh and perfectly styled every day, you most certainly will possess. I obviously have a hard time getting these kids completely dressed every day so such extravagance […]

Happy One Year, Little Home

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Oh brother. I have at least six posts started that never got finished and are too late now to make any sense… and I did start writing this on her actual half birthday/day-we-actually-moved-into-our-house-anniversary but I’ll post it anyways because THIS IS A BIG DEAL! One whole year of His AMAZING provisions and one and a half years of having the biggest bundle of joy in our lives! So here ya go – late post and all, […]

A bathroom!

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As much as I would love to say HOORAY! IT’S DONE! it’s not. But it’s close so that’s something. I figured I should take pictures now while it’s still newish because have you ever tried to keep a bathroom spotless with a toddler? And before things get all marked up and water-spotted, let’s remember the fresh new feeling that is right now and then plunge into using it how it should be used. Asking guests […]

The baby that finally got her nursery

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Abigail Elizabeth / home

Sooooo that wasn’t a weekend project like I thought it would be. Things sure do go slower with a baby… but it’s done! (sorta) And she has a room!! It didn’t turn out anything like what I was thinking – everything that could go wrong, did go wrong – but after many deep breaths and overwhelming prayers for patience, I think it turned out cute and best of all, she lights up in there and gets all giddy and […]

26 Weeks + WE MADE IT!

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How far along? 26 weeks Weight Gained: This is less exciting and more embarrassing these days. 19.5 lbs Symptoms: Same ol same ol. Fall down sleepy all the time again… Movement: She seems to be slowing down a bit :/ Food cravings: Chocolate chocolate chocolate. And watery fruit. I found some m&m’s in a drawer at my parents house and man, they were ripped open and devoured before I even allowed myself to entertain the thought that they were not mine […]

The Places We Live : House Tour #2

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I’ve definitely been coming off a bit too eager in my feverish attempt to pack as quickly as possible, tricking myself into thinking it’ll make our move date come sooner. Greg keeps reminding me, “you know… we still have a month here” we stare at the pile of clothes that have now made their home in a heap on the floor since I may have sold the dresser that previously housed them. There was […]

Our Little Girl

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Oh my, where do I start? Hallelujah! This was the first weekend that my husband didn’t have to work ONE BIT in oh I don’t know, over a month! I miss that guy so much. We had the most relaxing Saturday morning with, did I mention? no work! We went to the camera shop to see if we could get my beloved camera and lens fixed but they said it would cost as much as […]