Month: June 2015

Monday Happies

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the daily life

Some things that make me happy as of lately: THIS GIRL ON A SWING! And the kicking legs and squeeling noises of pure happiness that went with that face. Ohmygoodness I’m still smiling from that little experience. I never even thought she would like such a thing yet but we were waiting for my friend to show up at the park and I thought, well we might as well try it and she just lit up like the freakin […]

Happy Birthday Blog!

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wedded bliss

^^oh back when we were just babies <3 Happy 2nd birthday little blog of mine! It’s such a silly thing to celebrate but I’ve been so glad I have had something to look back on and I’m really so humbled you guys have followed along! Thank you! It’s been awesome to follow along on your journey of those of you who were pregnant at the same time and to see your babies blossom and grow. Just […]

Life lately, according to my iPhone

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the daily life

Oh hey there pretty lady.. let’s run through what we’ve been up to lately because, you know, the memory thing and the fact that life has gotten way too busy to possibly keep up with! So here we go. iPhone, don’t fail me now! ^^This lady grew out of her clothes for the final time, I’m sure. Insert continuous weeping forevermore. But that hat. It fits more like a yamaka now but doesn’t make me […]

Happy Father’s Day

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family days

Dads. What a huge roll you play. I may be wrong, but I notice a whole lot of mother celebration, and rightfully so – that shiz hurt! but dads often seem to be an afterthought. Or an, oh ya, he had a part in this too. But man, if there is one thing I’ve noticed lately, it’s that the dad’s roll is most definitely equal if not more important in raising a kiddo. So happy […]

By jove she’s five months

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

I know, Sweetie. I feel the same way too. I mean, just look at these poses she’s coming up with! Reaching hand. Over the shoulder I-got-this glance. Psh. Just, psh. Ok ya, I’m a little proud of this child of ours. My poor Instagram followers didn’t know what they were going to be bombarded with when they pushed follow. It went from an occasional picture of a flower or a delightful drink to LOOKIT I HAVE A […]

Someone Came To Visit Us!

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family days

…six months ago! Just kidding… I’m not that far behind.. yet. Life does go a bit crazy and continues to zoom on by now doesn’t it? Greg’s sister and brother-in-law, I mean MY sister and brother-in-law came to visit us last week and might I say, I am so glad I married a guy whose family members enjoy the delights we call meals as much as I do. Those two… they spoiled our tastebuds rotten, […]