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Happy One Year, Little Home

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Oh brother. I have at least six posts started that never got finished and are too late now to make any sense… and I did start writing this on her actual half birthday/day-we-actually-moved-into-our-house-anniversary but I’ll post it anyways because THIS IS A BIG DEAL! One whole year of His AMAZING provisions and one and a half years of having the biggest bundle of joy in our lives! So here ya go – late post and all, […]

A bathroom!

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As much as I would love to say HOORAY! IT’S DONE! it’s not. But it’s close so that’s something. I figured I should take pictures now while it’s still newish because have you ever tried to keep a bathroom spotless with a toddler? And before things get all marked up and water-spotted, let’s remember the fresh new feeling that is right now and then plunge into using it how it should be used. Asking guests […]