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A Day In My Life

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Abigail Elizabeth / parenting / the daily life

**I wrote this a while ago but forgot to post it… and since this blog is my memory, up it goes. Because I like to remember ;) ** Greg and I are sadly proving to be repeatedly delusional. The week before our puppy was due to arrive, we spent hours upon hours watching YouTube videos on how to raise the perfect dog, convincing ourselves our impulse buy would be easy. It was not. He is a terror. Likewise, when […]

That Dog

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parenting / that dog Bentley

This is the look I get from him most often these days. This is the “ugh, you” look. I try to pretend he loves me but I think, I mean I know, I tend to smother animals (I really can’t help it! I’ve tried so very hard to contain myself but somehow my face always ends up buried in their wonderful, wonderful fur..) My poor boy is falling apart. He has the itchiest eyes – […]