Month: March 2014

Happenings in the Home

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family days / paintings and progress / that dog Bentley / the daily life

Hey guess what guys! Actually, there’s a bit of a backstory to my happiness so let’s catch you up real quick on what’s been happening over here in LA LA land. These guys came to visit!  Clearly, there was dining involved. Guys golfed, girls gardened. We made this piece of beauty. (Avert your eyes from the ugliness beside, it’s the next project) : ) Girls cooked, boys bbq’d. Aren’t they precious?? : ) Klein was there for […]

The Worst Place To Bring A Dog

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that dog Bentley / the daily life

Is obviously Beverly Hills. That is, unless said dog can fit into your purse or satchel and is not, in fact, jumping frantically onto each well manicured passerby. After the last post, I gave up all plans to be productive and just spent time working with my little boy. He was doing so good and showing such signs of improvement that when it came to the weekend and we, for the first time in what […]

Oh Mr. Time, where do you go?

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family days / terrific trips / that dog Bentley / the daily life

This last weekend, we headed up north for my cousin Lauren’s 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY! Naturally, it was an 80s theme party. Not one to brag, but….. I kinda won the costume contest… Actually my other cousin, Ashley, and her husband, Ricky, won first place cause they showed off their inner Madonna and Hammertime side (ugh if ONLY I had worn my cone bra), but I got next runner up which won me some Airheads and […]