Month: November 2016

4 months

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

Oh goodness this boy. I was thinking back to Abbie at this age and remembered what a little chatterbox she was. He is not. He is all boy and would rather just sit in silence, observing, mayyybe every once in a while throw out the most dashing of smiles, you know, just to make you melt over and over again throughout the day. He is the dearest and I love him so. Oh little Luke, you light […]

Aloha, aloha Hawaii!

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terrific trips

Oh man, this vacation came at just the right time. I lost my child… in my own house… sprang up to get another crying child and completely obliterated my computer… and was basically at the point of a mental breakdown every. single. day. These babies, man, I love them but they may just kill me. To say I feel refreshed is basically the understatement of the century. You know when you try to think of […]

Just your average Friday morning photo dump

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the daily life

Thank goodness for Fridays. Greg and I are off to HAWAII(!!!) on Monday and I’m beyond ready to have an adult conversation. I’ve been so very tired lately so a long long flight in which I can sleep in an upright position sounds positively dreamy. Bless my dear parents for taking on two babies. Bless you bless you BLESS YOU! Anyways, my computer has added multiple crashing sessions to its everyday routine and has insisted it’s […]