I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving

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family days / mmmm meals / terrific trips / that dog Bentley

To say this move has been a bit of an adjustment is an understatement. I don’t know what’s been up with me but for whatever reason, it’s been a whole lot more difficult than I ever expected. So, when Greg mentioned while we were sipping our coffee in bed that maybe we should leave today (last Saturday) instead of waiting to go up for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, oh my oh my.. how does one describe such excitement and enthusiasm : ) Out went the leisurely morning of no plans! We packed up real quick, left the house in a non mother approved state, watered the plants and took off for a week of rejuvenation and family fun. And that dog came too. And he traveled oh so well.The best part was, we only told my sister that we were coming (she was our trusty insider!) so she let us know that everyone was actually out at my aunt and uncles house and that we should just drive straight there. I love when people are legitimately surprised! This entrance was worth many more hours of driving just to see everyones confusion when they heard Hillary and Greg were at the door. I think my mom may have burst in to tears. If only everyone reacted like this when seeing each other – just think about the egos that would abound! I really didn’t realize just how much I missed my family – all of them – the aunts and uncles and cousins – and they were all there! In one cozy fire-lit room just like how we left them. We had such a wonderful time seeing everyone, introducing them to our hyper rascal, seeing him chase around Eleanor, the big basset hound. It was so so lovely. The next morning we woke up to something that made my heart sing! Red and yellow and glowy fall trees! And they were just outside our window in all their fall glory. My mom made the most delicious brunch and we got to eat outside in the briskness and enjoy : ) I can’t say it enough: my heart was SO happy. Everything was just a wash of it’s going to be ok… I’ve got you guys… It was just so nice to be surrounded by such love and well, let’s be honest, spoiling : ) after weeks and weeks of feeling so defeated. I’m so very thankful for my family. My mom and I later went down to take my two favorite dogs for a walk in the woods. They found a river. They went in. Actually, I was so happy about this because I’ve been wanting to get Bentley used to the water – I mean, he has webbed feet! He’s a water dog! And who better to show him the ropes than little red.

The next day we went down to this beautiful place for lunch. AND my Aunt Kathy and Uncle John were in town so they came along too!

It was so beautiful down there and wintery feeling. It kinda had an eery feeling too, what with all the birds and sea lions going crazy.. but it was still lovely : ) I miss the ocean so very much. But seriously, just look at all those birds!

The next day was cleaning day for Thanksgiving! Other peoples houses are so much more enjoyable to clean so it was quite fun. Greg and dad and Taylor all went golfing and mom and I stayed home to spruce. May I just say, my husband has not golfed a whole bunch but he has a rockin swing and keeps up quite well. This round he got his first bogey, his first par ANDDDDD his first birdie. And he’s only played 18 mayyybe four times in his life. He’s pretty incredible. Anywayssss the next day was Thanksgiving: Here is your Thanksgiving picture, mothers.

We finally took a family picture ; ) The dinner was delicious and again, insert singing heart here. I love meals around this long long table. And I love those people sitting next to me : )

We actually spent Thanksgiving with our pastors family so in order to get even more family time in, the next day we went up to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco to see the wonderful Zorn exhibit! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SHOW FOR FOREVER!!! It was wonderful. Greg even let me get two prints from the gift shop : ) : ) We also had lunch looking out on this dreamy view. It was awfully weird being that close to Sausalito. I often wonder when we are going to go back home to our little house on the hill. : ]And then the next day we went back up to San Francisco to do a bit of shopping. Greg got me my dream dutch oven that I’ve been longing for for years and years! I can’t WAIT to cook something fabulous. We then dashed over to meet up with Domi and Spartico to have an over the top amazing meal with plenty of good wine. Oh my goodness they spoiled us rotten! I am STILL full. It was so nice to be able to spend some time with Greg’s family too. We are both so blessed with such fun families : ) We stopped eating around 11 and headed home to get some sleep before heading out for our planned 5am but really 9am takeoff ; ) We had such a marvelous time and left feeling so happy and hopeful. And! I think this dog actually now likes being in a car : )


  1. angelmomaln@aol.com says

    What a wonderful time you both had! I am so happy for you, just a little bit jealous. Am counting the days until your arrival here.




  2. What a wonderful husband you have! Isn’t it exciting to live with a little bit of ‘surprise’? I’m so glad you left on Saturday and spent the whole week with your family. They must have been SO glad to get the extra time with you. It all sounds like a dream – your beautiful life! Happy Thanksgiving, Hillary!
    Love, Cindy
    PS: Love your posts and always look forward to the next one with anticipation!


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