Month: October 2013

Cozy Nights

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On our first date I told Greg I wasn’t high maintenance, I just liked nice things. It probably didn’t help that I worked at a high-end residential interior design firm for three years either. Your reality becomes very skewed. All of a sudden any bed under $20,000 seems like a great deal! It’s sad when reality sets in and you realize how much higher that high-end really is ; ) All that to say, we […]

Weekend Bliss

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date night / family days / mmmm meals / wedded bliss

I love weekends. I’ve grown to love them more the last couple of weeks. This weekend was especially special because well, first, my husband brought back date night. Yessssss. We enjoyed hot dogs and popcorn and cherry coke and sour patch kids while watching Captain Phillips on the big screen. I have an obsession with popcorn so any event that is centered around that, is a good one. I still must wonder though, why a […]

Oh, to be a girl

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that darn house / that dog Bentley / the daily life / why do i act like a child

A lady once told Greg she could not be a Christian on the pill. Oh, hormones. I seem to have gotten an extra dose of them. After that last post about the excitement of getting internet tomorrow (and I truly was ecstatically excited), I gleefully headed home to my no internet house, and looked around and plunged back into my deep hole of despair. None of the doors stay open, the bathroom feels like a […]


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that darn house / that dog Bentley / the daily life

I’ve never been more excited for internet in my life!! Let’s see… there’s been a whole lot of this going on lately: Other than staring straight ahead and/or at our one corner of fall beauty, we have beeeeennnn umm, what have we been doing? I think this is pretty much all we do. I have two rooms left of boxes that I can’t bring myself to face. They are all books and I have no […]

Good Things

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home / that darn house / that dog Bentley

The first night we moved in, we saw something horrifying. Ourselves. In the mirror. Except it wasn’t a mirror, it was our front window. The lovely tenants before us installed a one way mirror film on the front windows – I’m assuming for privacy except I think they put it on the wrong side. This meant everyone could see in but we could not see out. So, as we looked around our empty cheaply put […]

Welcome to your new home

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date night / that darn house / that dog Bentley

Hello again! My, my! …life has changed quite a bit since our last post, hasn’t it? Lots of good, lots of erm… changes : ) Greg and I celebrated eight months of married life recently and can I just say, I have the most amazing husband! I can’t imagine going through any of this without him.. I’m sure I’d melt into a little puddle of despair : ) We kicked off our last week in […]