Month: April 2014

He has Risen!

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terrific trips / that dog Bentley / the daily life / wedded bliss

So, if you have just been gripped with suspense as to whether Greg liked the outdoor addition, well, I’m happy to report, he did. Yippee!! Just look how happy.He was awfully cute bringing out as many candles as possible so we could have a candlelit dinner instead of turning on the dreaded outdoor light : ) I have trained him so very well. I love warm nights and that one was one of our favorites. […]

The Sun Is Coming, The Sun Is Coming!!

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that darn house / that dog Bentley / the daily life

Okay, it’s always sunny here, but even in a place of constant sun, I’m looking forward to summer and backyard barbecues and running through our freshly mowed weeds with my ever perky pup. This weekend we conquered our great fear and took Bentley to a dog park. I’ve heard horror stories of such places and have avoided them like an Egyptian plague but when my friend invited us to join her and her dog, well, […]